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Services offered are:

Pay per Click Service

What is Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)?

Pay Per Click Advertising, also known as PPC is the process of using Paid Advertising to display your website in the Sponsored Results section of major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN. It is a form of online advertising and is a branch of internet marketing. Paid ads or sponsored advertising on search engines enable you to display your website link on the first page of any search engine by bidding with other competitors for positioning for keywords you may be targeting. Your website is displayed in the sponsored search results when ever a user queries for those search terms.

Benefits of PPC

A well managed Pay-Per-Click Campaign can drive traffic to your site the moment you set it up. You will no longer have to wait for months for your SEO efforts to show results and rankings on the search engines before you start seeing traffic and visitors coming to your website. PPC is extremely beneficial for new websites that want to attract visitors to their website from day 1.

However, it requires skill to do thorough keyword research before setting your PPC campaign. If you target keywords which are not searched by users on the search engines, you could be loosing money through PPC. For small businesses, this can be extremely costly and would not give them a positive return on investment. In such a case, it is a good idea to hire a company which has PPC experts and PPC management experience to take care of your Pay Per Click campaign management.

Offshore PPC services

Our team of PPC experts will help you create a successful pay per click campaign using keywords specific to your business. We also provide PPC management services and can manage your campaign for you. Our PPC management team will refine and research the keywords in detail and will go over the statistics for your PPC campaigns and modify them to improve their conversion rate.