D4.Solutions is providing professional services to its client's world wide. We have built their business and have improved their organic listing in search engines, helping them to achieve their goals.

Services offered are:

E-Mail Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing and newsletter and ezine campaigns provide a means to stay in touch with your existing clients, get repeat visitors and customers to your site and also attract new users to your website.

Send targeted emails to your customers

Email marketing is much more than sending an email blast to thousands or millions of email addresses. It requires in-depth research and knowledge about the products or services you are promoting, your target market, what people want to know specifically about your products and services, when to market or launch your new product, market analysis and several other factors. To be able to get the most out of your email marketing campaign, you need to research and find out how you should go about with your newsletters and ezines sending campaign.

D4.Solutions offers offshore email marketing services at affordable rates to clients. We will use professional tools to help you create and send targeted emails to your subscribers, and regularly monitor the response and success of every campaign for you.

Our target email marketing campaigns can help you in several different ways. We make sure that:

  • We create email marketing content which generates results
  • The campaign is completely monitored before and after sending the emails
  • Your email newsletter does not end up in the spam folders of your readers

Components of Online Email Marketing

Any email marketing campaign has several steps which need to be carried out for the successful implementation of an email campaign. These steps include the following:

  • Creating - This step involves creating an email marketing campaign, and allowing subscribers to sign up to the newsletter subscriber list.
  • Building - The opt-in email subscriber list grows with time as you attract new customers to your website by using marketing and promotion methods.
  • Designing - This is a one time process which involves making a template for your email newsletter. The template is made once and used every time a newsletter has to be sent.
  • Writing - This is the actual content which goes in the template and the newsletter is finalized for sending.
  • Publishing - Also known as blasting, or sending the ezine or newsletter to your subscriber list.
  • Tracking - The last step is to manage and track the progress of your email marketing campaign, the increase in sales or visitors on your site from your email marketing effort.

Offshore Email Marketing solutions

Making newsletters and ezines on a regular basis can be a tedious and time consuming task. Often business owners do not have the time to make HTML newsletters, manage their subscriber lists, send them to their subscribers using an email marketing tool, and also keep track of the progress and response of the campaign.

Let D4.Solutions take care of your email marketing campaigns for you. We provide online email marketing services to clients and businesses based in the USA and Canada. Whether you have your own subscriber base, or want to advertise your products and services in a sponsored newsletter or ezine, we can take care of your needs.